ScreenSvr! is a simple but fun screen saver for Windows PCs. The premise is simple -- ScreenSvr grabs photos from Flickr, based on your selection criteria, and displays them in a repeating slideshow as a screensaver.


The requirements for ScreenSvr! is simple -- you need Window 2000 or XP, and you need a connection to the Internet. The Internet connection should be reasonably stable and fast, since the photos are not downloaded at the PC but retrieved from Flickr real-time. However the photos are cached locally, so you won't normally download large chunks of photos all the time.


ScreenSvr! is hosted at RubyForge. The project home is at You can download ScreenSvr! directly from HERE.

How to use

ScreenSvr! is used just like any Windows screen saver:
  1. Install it (download and click click click)
  2. Open up your Windows screensaver tab (usually right click, select ‘Properties’ and click on Screen Saver)
  3. Click on the combo box and scroll until you see ’screensvr’
  4. Click on the ‘Settings’ button
  5. Click on ‘generate data’ to generate the data for your screensaver. This might take a while as it will need to go to Flickr and grab the photos
  6. Close the configuration dialog box, and click on ‘Apply’


Here is a list of basic features:
  1. Retrieve photos based on Flickr user account
  2. Retrieve photos based on a simple text search
  3. Retrieve photos based on Flickr user account and simple text search of photos in that account
  4. Retrieve most recent photos uploaded to Flickr
  5. Sort photos by different criteria
  6. Retrieve selected number of photos at a time


Flickr is free software, licensed under the GNU Public License, copyright retained by Chang Sau Sheong.

How it was done

I’m thinking of doing a full page write-up on how I did it step-by-step but it’ll probably have to wait till I have more time. But here’s roughly what I used:

Wishlist features

  1. Autogenerate data from Flickr at regular configurable intervals -- maybe use some kind of scheduler to do this
  2. Configure font-size, type, color etc for the titles
  3. Other slide transitions other than fade out and fade in
  4. Do something when the PC is not online -- cache some pics?


ScreenSvr! is developed by Chang Sau Sheong. Check out my blog at